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gdebi-core is a simple tool to install deb packages on Ubuntu and Debian systems.

gdebi-core can resolve and install the dependencies of local deb packages, as well as the build-depends of local debian/control files. It is a command-line utility that can be used with the gdebi command.

Some of the advantages of using gdebi-core are:

It can handle multiple deb packages at once, unlike dpkg.
It can automatically download and install the required dependencies from the official repositories, unlike dpkg.
It can check the compatibility and integrity of the deb packages before installing them, unlike dpkg.
It can also install the recommended and suggested packages, if desired, unlike apt.

Some of the disadvantages of using gdebi-core are:

It can only install local deb packages, not remote ones, unlike apt.
It can only install deb packages that are compatible with the current system, not older or newer ones, unlike dpkg.
It can only install deb packages that are available in the official repositories, not third-party ones, unless the corresponding sources are added, unlike dpkg.


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