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Backup Glassfish domain using the asadmin backup-domain command

We can backup the domain using the asadmin backup-domain command as follows:  asadmin> backup-domain --backupDir /path/to/backup/directory myDomain  The effect of this command is to create a full backup of the domain directory. To complete the command, however, the domain must be stopped first.

Stateful programmatic web browsing in Python

Browse pages programmatically with easy HTML form filling and clicking of links. The mechanize module in Python gives you a browser like object to interact with web pages.

How to write a shell script for checking website text change

Example: curl -s | grep "Service Interruption Notice" >/dev/null && echo "servicing" ||  echo -en "\007" This bash script checks if there is "Service Interruption Notice" exists on the web site, otherwise it will make a beep sound to notify you.

make a beep from within bash

echo -en "\007"

dualstack prefix in AWS public DNS name for load balancer

The public DNS name with the dualstack prefix returns both IPv4 and IPv6 records. It is recommended that you enable IPv6 support by using the DNS name with the dualstack prefix to ensure that clients can access the load balancer using either IPv4 or IPv6.

The Jira app helps you work with your Jira projects from within Slack

/jira notify: Get your Jira notifications directly in Slack /jira connect: Connect and subscribe to Jira events /jira manage: Manage your Jira connections and subscriptions /jira create Summary: Create issue /jira DEMO-1: Get information about a specific issue /jira previews: Toggle issue previews on or off /jira feedback: Tell us what you think about the app /jira help: Show this help information /jira logout: Log out of the Jira Slack app