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Installing Jenkins on Ubuntu

wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add - sudo sh -c 'echo deb binary/ > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jenkins.list' sudo apt update sudo apt install jenkins sudo systemctl start jenkins sudo systemctl status jenkins sudo systemctl enable jenkins sudo ufw allow 8080 //To set up your installation, visit Jenkins on its default port, 8080, using your server domain name or IP address: http://your_server_ip_or_domain:8080

A chroot on Unix operating systems is an operation that changes the apparent root directory for the current running process and its children.

A program that is run in such a modified environment cannot name files outside the designated directory tree.

Fix sudo problem inside docker

When neither sudo nor apt-get is available in container, you can also jump into running container as root user using command docker exec -u root -t -i container_id /bin/bash

Oracle Linux and AWS Amazon Linux docker images

docker pull amazonlinux docker pull oraclelinux:8

docker rename

 docker rename old_name new_name

How to Revoke all ingress rules of an AWS security group

 groupId="sg-your-group-id" aws ec2 describe-security-groups --output json --group-ids $groupId --query "SecurityGroups[0].IpPermissions" aws ec2 revoke-security-group-ingress --dry-run --group-id $groupId \   --ip-permissions \   "`aws ec2 describe-security-groups --output json --group-ids $groupId --query "SecurityGroups[0].IpPermissions"`"

Email Blacklist Removal Form

 Barracuda Blacklist Removal Form Gmail Blacklist Removal Form

Filtering the Output of git log

 Filter by Range git log <since>..<until> git log b78bee8..b53c28e Filter by Message git log --grep="important" Filter by Most Recent If you want to return a specific number of commits, you can do so using the -n flag. Here’s an example of this flag in action: git log -n 8 Filter by Author or Committer git log --author=""  git log --committer="GoYun Info" Filter by Date git log --after="2021-8-8" git log --after="2021-8-8" --before="yesterday" Filter by File git log -- Filter by Content git log -S"Fixed memory leak"

Gig jobs are small projects that people complete for small amounts of money

Gig jobs can be as simple as running errands and assembling IKEA furniture or as complex as designing logos and managing complex business projects.

What is seasonal work

Seasonal work is temporary employment that recurs around the s0ame time every year.  Businesses that primarily have more customers during specific seasons hire seasonal employees for extra help during their busiest times.  Other seasonal jobs require warm or cold weather, so companies shut down in the slow season.

How to resume an exited Docker container

 You can restart and attach an existing exited container and your changes are still there. docker start  `docker ps -q -l` # restart it in the background docker attach `docker ps -q -l` # reattach the terminal & stdin