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Install MySQL on Amazon Linux 2023

Update the packages of your Amazon Linux 2023 by running the following command in your terminal: $ sudo dnf update.

Download the MySQL Yum repository from the Oracle website using the following command: $ sudo wget

Install the MySQL community server and client on your system by running the following command: $ sudo dnf install mysql-community-server.

Start the MySQL service and enable it to activate automatically with the system boot or crash by running the following command: $ sudo systemctl start mysqld and $ sudo systemctl enable mysqld.

Secure your MySQL installation by setting a root password, removing anonymous users, disabling remote root login, and more. You can find the default password set by MySQL for the root user by running the following command: $ sudo grep 'temporary password' /var/log/mysqld.log. After that, run the following command and follow the prompts: $ sudo mysql_secure_installation.


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