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Create Incremental Backup in Linux

Create Full Backup first

tar --verbose --verbose --create --xz --listed-incremental=/backup/data.snxz --file=/backup/data.txz data

Check the backup with the following command.

$ tar --list --incremental --verbose --verbose --file /backup/data.txz

Create Incremental Backup
tar --verbose --verbose --create --xz --listed-incremental=/backup/data.snxz --file=/backup/data1.txz data

Run the following command to check the incremental backup file.

$ tar --list --incremental --verbose --verbose --file /backup/data1.txz

Restore Backup with Incremental Backup
restore data from full backup first
tar --extract  --listed-incremental=/dev/null --file data.txz
restore data from incremental backup file
tar --extract  --listed-incremental=/dev/null --file data1.txz


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