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MSTSC Creates connections to Remote Desktop Session Host servers or other remote computers


mstsc.exe [<connectionfile>] [/v:<server>[:<port>]] [/admin] [/f] [/w:<width> /h:<height>] [/public] [/span]
mstsc.exe /edit <connectionfile>
mstsc.exe /migrate


<connectionfile>Specifies the name of an .rdp file for the connection.
/v:<server>[:<port>]Specifies the remote computer and, optionally, the port number to which you want to connect.
/adminConnects you to a session for administering the server.
/fStarts Remote Desktop Connection in full-screen mode.
/w:<width>Specifies the width of the Remote Desktop window.
/h:<height>Specifies the height of the Remote Desktop window.
/publicRuns Remote Desktop in public mode. In public mode, passwords and bitmaps aren't cached.
/spanMatches the Remote Desktop width and height with the local virtual desktop, spanning across multiple monitors if necessary.
/edit <connectionfile>Opens the specified .rdp file for editing.
/migrateMigrates legacy connection files that were created with Client Connection Manager to new .rdp connection files.
/?Displays help at the command prompt.


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