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Create a Windows Desktop Spot VM on Azure Example

az group create -n spotGroup -l canadacentral
az vm create \
    --resource-group spotGroup \
    --name dev \
    --image MicrosoftWindowsDesktop:Windows-10:rs5-pron-g2:17763.1457.2009030514 \
    --admin-username azureuser \
    --generate-ssh-keys \
    --priority Spot \
    --max-price -1 \
--eviction-policy Deallocate

       --image                        : The name of the operating system image as a URN alias, URN,
                                     custom image name or ID, custom image version ID, or VHD blob
                                     URI. This parameter is required unless using `--attach-os-
                                     disk.` Valid URN format: "Publisher:Offer:Sku:Version".  Values
                                     from: az vm image list, az vm image show.


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