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The jshell tool allows you to execute Java code, getting immediate results.

|  You can enter a Java definition (variable, method, class, etc), like:  int x = 8
|  or a Java expression, like:  x + x
|  or a Java statement or import.
|  These little chunks of Java code are called 'snippets'.
|  There are also the jshell tool commands that allow you to understand and
|  control what you are doing, like:  /list
|  For a list of commands: /help

jshell> /help
|  Type a Java language expression, statement, or declaration.
|  Or type one of the following commands:
|  /list [<name or id>|-all|-start]
|       list the source you have typed
|  /edit <name or id>
|       edit a source entry
|  /drop <name or id>
|       delete a source entry
|  /save [-all|-history|-start] <file>
|       Save snippet source to a file
|  /open <file>
|       open a file as source input
|  /vars [<name or id>|-all|-start]
|       list the declared variables and their values
|  /methods [<name or id>|-all|-start]
|       list the declared methods and their signatures
|  /types [<name or id>|-all|-start]
|       list the type declarations
|  /imports
|       list the imported items
|  /exit [<integer-expression-snippet>]
|       exit the jshell tool
|  /env [-class-path <path>] [-module-path <path>] [-add-modules <modules>] ...
|       view or change the evaluation context
|  /reset [-class-path <path>] [-module-path <path>] [-add-modules <modules>]...
|       reset the jshell tool
|  /reload [-restore] [-quiet] [-class-path <path>] [-module-path <path>]...
|       reset and replay relevant history -- current or previous (-restore)
|  /history [-all]
|       history of what you have typed
|  /help [<command>|<subject>]
|       get information about using the jshell tool
|  /set editor|start|feedback|mode|prompt|truncation|format ...
|       set configuration information
|  /? [<command>|<subject>]
|       get information about using the jshell tool
|  /!
|       rerun last snippet -- see /help rerun
|  /<id>
|       rerun snippets by ID or ID range -- see /help rerun
|  /-<n>
|       rerun n-th previous snippet -- see /help rerun
|  For more information type '/help' followed by the name of a
|  command or a subject.
|  For example '/help /list' or '/help intro'.
|  Subjects:
|  intro
|       an introduction to the jshell tool
|  keys
|       a description of readline-like input editing
|  id
|       a description of snippet IDs and how use them
|  shortcuts
|       a description of keystrokes for snippet and command completion,
|       information access, and automatic code generation
|  context
|       a description of the evaluation context options for /env /reload and /reset
|  rerun
|       a description of ways to re-evaluate previously entered snippets



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