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Site-wide bbPress forum for buddyPress

BuddyPress claims to be able to offer site-wide forums without being group-specific. However, when I install site-wide forums, nothing on my site changes. The “Forums” link doesn’t appear, and if I navigate to /forums, there’s nothing available.

In the bbPress settings, the “forums base” is set at “forums”, which then gives a message of “Possible BuddyPress conflict: Forums page”. This is how it is with a fresh install of bbPress and buddyPress and without changing any options.

To solve the problem, do the following.

go to your settings | forums (on the bottom)
You’ll see archive slug and Single Slugs. rename both "forum base" and "forum slug". Because they are actually conflict with the sitewide forum.

Go to "Forums" and make a new forum. Copy the forum's link. Suppose the link is

Go to the Appearance | Menus section.

Create a custom menu.

In this custom menu, add a custom link to it. This custom link links to the forum you created just now.
Add other existing pages to your menu.

Make this menu as "Primary Navigation", Save this menu.



  1. YOU ROCK!!!!! This has been driving me INSANE. As I'm sure you know, documentation for both BP and BBP is spotty at best. Couldn't find the solution until I came here. THANK YOU.


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