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How to add your own custom search engine to Chrome

 Settings -> Search -> "Manage search engines..." -> "Other Search Engines"
Try as an example:
  • Add a new search engine: search job - this is only for use here, you won't see this anywhere else
  • Keyword (shortcut): goyun — this will be used to trigger a custom search in the Omnibox; for convenience, use an abbreviation of what you'll be searching
  • URL with %s in place of search — for most blogs and news sites, you'll use the URL and add search?q=%s, but other sites vary (see below)
To find the URL needed to create a custom search outside of a blog or news site, it's quickest to simply Google it, e.g. "Twitter search Chrome custom search". Here's a handy list to start, collected across the web:
Social Media
  • Twitter -
  • Facebook -
  • LinkedIn -
  • YouTube -
  • Pinterest -
  • Gmail -
  • Google Drive -
  • Google News -
  • Google Images -
  • Google Search Limited to Past Year -
  • Current Domain - javascript:location=''%20+%20escape(location.hostname)%20+%20'%20%S'%20;%20void%200
  • Giphy -
  • Flickr Creative Commons -


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