Digital Marketing

Internet Business model for start up

Display Ads
Search Ads
Video Ads - ex. Hulu
Audio Ads - ex. Pandora
Promoted Content - ex. Twitter, Tumblr
Recruitment Ads - ex. LinkedIn
Lead Generation - ex. MoneySuperMarket, ZocDoc
Classifieds - ex. Craiglist
Featured listings - e.g. Yelp
Ad Re-targeting - ex. Criteo
Location-based offers - ex. Foursquare
Sponsorships / Site Takeovers -  ex. Pandora
Affiliate Fees - ex. Amazon Affiliate Program

Retailing - ex. Zappos
Marketplace - ex. Etsy
Crowdsourced Marketplace - ex. Threadless
Excess Capacity Markets - Uber, AirBnB
Vertically Integrated Commerce - ex. Warby Parker
Aggregation - ex.
Flash Sales:  Gilt Groupe, Vente Privee
Group buying - ex. Groupon
Digital goods / downloads - ex. iTunes
Virtual goods - ex. Zynga - a provider of social game services
Training - ex. Coursera
Pay what you want
Commission - ex. SharesPost - a leading specialist in the private securities market.
Commission per order - ex. Seamless - Online food ordering from local restaurants
Auction - ex. eBay
Reverse Auction - ex Priceline
Barter for services ex. SwapRight - swapping and bartering services

Software as a Service (SAAS) - ex. Salesforce
Service as a Service - ex. Shopify
Content as a Service - ex: Netflix
Infrastructure/Platform As A Service - ex. AWS
Freemium SAAS - ex. Dropbox
Donations - ex. Wikipedia
Sampling - ex Birchbox
Membership Services - ex Amazon Prime
Support and Maintenance - ex Red Hat
Paywall - ex. NYTimes
Voice and video-conferencing

Peer to Peer
Peer-to-Peer Lending - ex. Lending Club,
Peer-to-Peer Gambling - ex. BetFair
Peer-to-peer buying - ex Etsy
Peer-to-peer computing - ex CrashPlan storage
Peer-to-peer service - ex. Mechanical Turk, TaskRabbit - an online and mobile marketplace that allows users to outsource small jobs and tasks to others in their neighborhood.

Transaction processing
Intermediary - ex. IP Commerce (POS 2.0), CardSpring
Acquiring Processing - ex. Paymentech
Bank Transfer - ex. Dwolla
Bank Depository Offering - ex. Simple, Movenbank (spread on average deposits)
Fullfilment - ex. Amazon
Payment Gateways: Mobile -ex. Braintree
Platform Monetization - Facebook Credits

Per Seat License - ex. Sencha
Per Device/Server License - ex. QlikView
Per Application instance - ex. Adobe Photoshop
Per Site License - ex. Private cloud on internal infrastructure
Patent Licensing - ex. Qualcomm
Brand Licensing - ex. Sesame Street
Indirect Licensing - ex. Apple Volume Purchasing

User data - ex. BlueKai
Business data - ex. Duedil
User intelligence - ex. Yougov
Search Data - ex. Chango
Real-time Consumer Intent Data - ex. Yieldbot
Benchmarking services - ex. Comscore
Market research - ex. GLG

Paid App Downloads - ex. WhatsApp
In-app purchases - ex. Zynga Poker
In-app subscriptions - ex. NY Times app
Advertising - ex. Flurry, AdMob
Digital-to-physical - ex. Red Stamp, Postagram
Transactions - ex Hailo

Freemium - Free to play w/ virtual currency - ex. Zynga
Subscription-  ex. World of Warcraft
Premium - ex. xBox games
DLC - (Downloadable Content)  - ex. Call of Duty
Ad Supported - ex -


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