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Google Cloud Bigtable HBase client works with Hadoop and is interface compatible with Apache HBase

Unlike DynamoDB and DocumentDB, which expose proprietary APIs, Google Cloud Bigtable is standardized on the HBase API. This feature instantly makes it compatible with the Hadoop tools and its thriving ecosystem. The API enables bulk ingestion and export using standard HBase tools. Developers can use HBase Java client for integration with common Hadoop open source tools. With single-digit millisecond reads/writes, Google claims that its NoSQL database is 3X faster than HBase, Cassandra, and DynamoDB.

Customers can self-provision a Bigtable cluster with a minimum of 3 nodes. Each node will deliver up to 10,000 queries per second and 10 MB/s of throughput. The cluster can be based on SSD storage backends. The service costs $0.65 / hour per node with $0.17 per GB per month of SSD storage.

With the addition of this service to its database portfolio, Google hopes to attract enterprise workloads from the finance, IoT, and retail verticals. Similar to Yodlee, Bigtable can be used for storing and consolidating market data, trade activity along with social and transactional data. IoT vendors can use this service as a time series database to perform a variety of analysis methods to detect anomalies.


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