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The pmtastats Accounting Statistics Application

PowerMTA comes with an accounting file parsing application, pmtastats , that
calculates delivery throughput and general traffic statistics both on a global basis and/or
on a per campaign or mailing basis.

$ pmta --help

Usage: pmtastats [global options] [statistic [options] ...] file ...

One or more statistics can be specified, each with its own options.  Use with
one or more files, in either binary, CSV or XML format.  '-' can be used for
reading from standard input.

     pmtastats vmta-summary vmta-time-breakdown acct*
     pmtastats bounce-categories --bounceCat all acct*
     pmtastats --vmta vmta1 top-rates delivery-times acct*
     pmtastats --output html vmta-time-breakdown acct* > report.html

global options:

        display this help and exit
        display version information and exit
        do not display progress information
    --output <format>
        selects the output format (text, html; default: text)
    --envId <id>
    --from <originator>
    --toDomain <domain>
    --jobId <id>
    --vmta <vmta>
    --header <name> <content>
        filter input: use only records whose envelope ID, originator,
        recipient domain, job ID, VirtualMTA, or the given header
        starts with the given string, respectively
        (default: no filtering)
    --last DdHhMmSs
        filter input: use only records written in the last D days, H hours,
        M minutes and S seconds.  Each part of the time specification can
        be omitted, such as in "3h15m" for 3 hours, 15 minutes.
        (default: no filtering)
--byHeader <header>
        statistics split by envelope ID, job ID, originator, VirtualMTA, or a
        given header, respectively.
        Only one of these can be used.
        For --byHeader, specify the header.
        (default: statistics not split)
    --splitLimit <num>
        set the maximum number of statistics a statistic can be split into
        (default: 5000)

    --topDomains <num>
        display top <num> domains (passed on to all statistics)

"bounce-categories" statistic
Shows most frequent bounce categories.
    --topCategories <num>
        display top <num> bounce categories (default: 10)
    --bounceCat <option>
        selects categories for detailed display.  Possible options are:
            <num> - top <num> categories
            <category> - category name
            'all' - all available categories
        (default: spam-related)
    --byDsn <num>
        display bounce category detail for the top <num> DSN codes (default: 10)
    --byDomain <num>
        display bounce category detail for the top <num> domains (default: 10)
    --byDsnAndDomain <num>
        display bounce category detail for the top <num> DSN code / domain
        combinations (default: 10)

"delivery-times" statistic
Shows times and recipients / time from queueing to delivery.

"message-counts" statistic
Total counts of recipents and volumne for messages and bounces.

"top-bounce" statistic
Top bounce domains, aggregated by DSN code (reason).
    --topDomains <num>
        display bounce statistic for top <num> domains (default: 10)
    --topStatusCodes <num>
        display bounce statistics for top <num> status codes (default: 10)

"top-domains" statistic
Domains with the most recipients, bounces, and delivery times.
    --topDomains <num>
        display top <num> domains (default: 10)
        omits list of domains with the highest average delivery times
        (default: includes it)

"top-rates" statistic
Data transfer and recipient rates over time.

"vmta-summary" statistic
High-level Virtual MTA traffic summary.
        split records by date (default: no splitting done)

"vmta-time-breakdown" statistic
Dailiy and hourly recipients and bounces for each Virtual MTA.
        do not include hourly breakdown (default: include it)
"vmta-top-bounce" statistic
Bounces for individual Virtual MTAs.
    --topBounced <num>
        show top <num> domains by bounces (default: 20)
        split records by date (default: no splitting done)

shortcut options:
        create all available statistics with default options
        create statistics similar to what acctstats did


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