Digital Marketing - topics that are of interest is a great tool for finding information on topics that are of interest. It can also be used as a tool for people to create and display a magazine of sorts on the topic or topics they choose. Business can customize it for their specific branding needs. There are three versions of!, Basic free version, Pro version, Business Version.

Describe your topic is used to help organize information that is preexisting on the web about a topic or topics you choose. You can choose from the content it finds what you would like to add to your magazine and people can look at your magazines. You can annotate/comment on the posts you add to your magazine.

Individuals would use it for a few reasons. Conveniently follow a topic, Create a magazine on a topic they find interesting, Personal brand/Internet presence development and analytics.

Business would use it for the same reasons that Individuals would but with more precision and focus on brand development. With the Business Subscription, Business can host their “” on their website and customize everything to their brand.


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