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Request body and Length limit to share on Linkedin by API


Request body
Field DescriptionMax Length (chars)
contentA collection of fields describing the shared content.
titleThe title of the content being shared.200
descriptionThe description of the content being shared.256
submitted-urlA fully qualified URL for the content being shared.n/a
submitted-image-urlA fully qualified URL to a thumbnail image to accompany the shared content.

The image should be at least 80 x 150px for best results.
A comment by the member to associated with the share.
If none of the above content parameters are provided, the comment must contain a URL to the content you want to share.  If the comment contains multiple URLs, only the first one will be analyzed for content to share.
visibilityA collection of visibility information about the share.
One of the following values:
  • anyone:  Share will be visible to all members.
  • connections-only:  Share will only be visible to connections of the member performing the share.
This field is required in all sharing calls.

Share on Company page has the same max length limit as above.


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