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Maven Google App Engine archetypes

Maven App Engine archetypes
Maven Archetypes allow users to create Maven projects using templates that cover common scenarios. App Engine takes advantage of this Maven feature to provide some useful App Engine archetypes at Maven Central. The current App Engine artifacts are listed in the table below:
Application TypeArtifactDescription
App Engine app*guestbook-archetypeGenerates the guestbook demo sample, complete and ready to run and test.
App Engine app*appengine-skeleton-archetypeGenerates a new, empty App Engine project ready for your own classes and resources, but with required files and directories.
Cloud Endpoints API backendhello-endpoints-archetypeGenerates a simple starter Cloud Endpoints backend API project, ready to build and run.
Cloud Endpoints API backendendpoints-skeleton-archetypeGenerates a new, empty Cloud Endpoints backend API project ready for your own classes and resources, with required files and directories.
* App Engine app in this context means a regular App Engine app, not an app serving as a Cloud Endpoints backend API.


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