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How to use bitBucket with EGit in Eclipse

install EGit in Eclipse

select Team->Share project... to add the project under Git control. You may need to create new repository.

select Team->Add to index to add all the files of the project under version control.

select Team->Commit... to commit all the files.

Make sure you add your public SSH key to your account.

Make sure in Eclipse Window->Preference->General->Network Connections->SSH2 has the right parameter corresponding to your SSH key in your account.

on bitBucket, create a repository that you are going to put your project into.

Now  push your repository up to Bitbucket.
cd /path/to/my/repo
git remote add origin ssh://
git push -u origin --all # pushes up the repo and its refs for the first time
git push -u origin --tags # pushes up any tags

F5 to refresh your project in Eclipse.


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