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How to Start / Restart rpcbind

  1. Determine the PID for rpcbind.
    Run ps to get the PID, which is the value in the second column.

    # ps -ef |grep rpcbind
    root 188 1 0 Aug 31 ? 0:14 /usr/sbin/rpcbind
  2. Send a SIGTERM signal to the rpcbind process.
    In this example, term is the signal that is to be sent and 188 is the PID for the program. This command causesrpcbind to create a list of the current registered services in /tmp/portmap.file and /tmp/rpcbind.file.

    # kill -s term 188

    Note –
    If you do not kill the rpcbind process with the -s term option, you cannot complete a warm start of rpcbind. You must reboot the server to restore service.

  3. Restart rpcbind.
    Warm-restart the command so that the files that were created by the kill command are consulted. A warm start also ensures that the process resumes without requiring a restart of all the RPC services. 

    # /usr/sbin/rpcbind -w


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