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How to make sure a check is not fraudulent

Look up the business or individual listed as the maker of the check. Do not call the number listed on the check - this is typically a number that will call someone who is in on the scam. Call the Bank that the check is drawn on to verify that the account number is valid and that the name on the account matches the name on the check. Often they will use a valid bank with a valid account number but they will substitute a different name as the maker of the check.

See if they will verify if the funds are in the account. Use caution however; just because there is money in the account does not mean that the maker of the account actually issued the check.

The most cautious scenario would be for you to instruct your bank to send the check for "Collection" to the maker's bank. They will physically send the check to the maker bank on a collection basis, collect the funds for you and then deposit the funds into your account once received by the foreign financial institution. This might take anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks; however, once the funds are deposited into your account you know they are good funds.


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