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How to delete / remove / PURGE BINARY LOGS in MySQL

The binary log is a set of files that contain information about data modifications made by the MySQL server. The log consists of a set of binary log files, plus an index file.

The PURGE BINARY LOGS statement deletes all the binary log files listed in the log index file prior to the specified log file name or date. BINARY and MASTER are synonyms. Deleted log files also are removed from the list recorded in the index file, so that the given log file becomes the first in the list.

This statement has no effect if the server was not started with the --log-bin option to enable binary logging.


PURGE BINARY LOGS TO 'mysql-bin.010';

This statement is safe to run while slaves are replicating. You need not stop them. If you have an active slave that currently is reading one of the log files you are trying to delete, this statement does nothing and fails with an error. However, if a slave is not connected and you happen to purge one of the log files it has yet to read, the slave will be unable to replicate after it reconnects.


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