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Free online courses and tutorials

Free online courses and tutorials:

Free online programming courses from Universities:

  1. UC Berkeley Webcasts:UC Berkeley’s Computer Science department offers a huge collection of online college courses in programming and computing.
  2. MIT OpenCourseWare:Find more than a hundred online course materials for electrical engineering and computer science in MIT’s OpenCourseWare collection.
  3. Stanford University:Through iTunesU and Coursera, Stanford University offers plenty of programming courses, including Coding Together: Apps for iPhone and iPad, Programming Methodology, and Human-Computer Interaction.
  4. The Open University:U.K.-based Open University has a variety of learning units in computing and ICT.
  5. University of Southern Queensland:From the University of Southern Queensland, you’ll find courses in Object Oriented Programming in C++ and Creating Interactive Multimedia.
  6. Princeton:Through Princeton University’s Coursera site, you can find courses on algorithms, computer architecture, and networks.
  7. University of Michigan:From the University of Michigan, you’ll get access to great programming courses including Computer Vision and Internet History, Technology, and Security.

Ruby & Ruby on Rails

Google Apps Script
Linux & Shell Scripting
Git (version control)
Objective-C (iOS & Mac)
Chrome Dev Tools
Go Language
Android App Development
D3 (data visualization)

Coursera & the University of New Mexico are partner to offer the free course Web Application Architectures.

DePaul University College of Computing and Digital Media is offering a Cloud Computing Technologies Program where students will build their own cloud applications. Using Amazon Web Services, IBM, Microsoft and Salesforce cloud platforms, students will learn how to create and manage cloud-based applications. The eleven-week in-depth program in the principles, methods, and technologies of Cloud Computing. The program provides a broad understanding of the different leading Cloud Computing technologies.
Stanford University is offering CS309A – Cloud Computing one of the most sought-after online courses in this field. This class includes discussions with cloud computing industry leaders and CEOs who share their vision of the future of software-powered businesses. Previous guest speakers include Hamish Brewer, CEO, JDA Software, Godfrey Sulliva, CEO, Splunk, Human Shah, CEO, RMS, Rob Bearden, CEO, Hortonworks, Bill Ruh, VP & Corporate Officer, GE Global Software and Aaron Levie, CEO, Box.

AWS Training
AWS offers Training and Certification to help you develop your skills and gain recognition for your technical experience with AWS services and solutions. Discover on-demand resources to help you get started or take technical training to deepen your expertise with the AWS Cloud.

Google Developers Academy
Google Developers Academy provides a set of online classes spanning many different Google developer tools and platforms. The course materials found here provide developers of all skill levels with curriculum-based learning that goes beyond the traditional technical documentation.

Microsoft Virtual Academy
Free Microsoft Training Delivered by Experts.

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