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Flurry - Analytics Measure, track and analyze app performance, user acquisition and activity with Flurry Analytics.

Unlock App Growth

Flurry empowers product, development and growth experts to build better apps that users love. Use Flurry to supercharge app engagement, run a data-driven product iteration process and boost user acquisition efforts.
  • Easily track installs, sessions, time spent, and more
  • Understand your audience and how they use your app
  • Run on-demand analysis with Explorer for funnels, cohorts and more

Big insights

Gain insight into your user’s age, gender, and behavior. Benchmark your app’s Session Length, Frequency of Use and Retention against all Flurry clients. Compare your app to those in any app store category.

Flurry Analytics Explorer

Perform even more complex queries with Explorer, an easy-to-use data exploration interface that returns insights in seconds. No need to write code, build queries or wait for calculations. 


Flurry Analytics is free at any scale and available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and mobile web.


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