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Comparison of pricing: Google Cloud SQL vs AWS RDS

A direct comparison of pricing shows that AWS RDS is cheaper than corresponding Google Cloud SQL pay-per-hour options, but other costs such as data storage and transfer fees, etc needs to be considered. Google Cloud SQL supports instances up to 500GB in size while Amazon RDS goes up to 3TB. Google's MySQL database is also general available, offering more storage and SLA-backed uptime.

Amazon RDS comes as a first choice, with competitive pricing and a whole range of features. You can easily build a high availability database yourself, with automated replication and lots of monitoring options.

Google Cloud SQL provides an impressive offering, but can be a bit harder to set up. It helps if you are already familiar with the Google Cloud. They used the experience gained from running Google search to build their infrastructure, so it’s proven and fast. But you do pay the price for it.


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