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Samsung Galaxy Tab: Install Google Play Store (Android Market) Via APK

Some versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab don’t have the Google Play Store (Android Market) included with it. Here is a way to do it using a Windows PC and the Android SDK.
Your alternative choice is to install Amazon Appstore for Android or you can install from F-droid

Note: You have to have root access to perform these steps. You can refer this link to root your device.
1. Open Settings and select Applications.
2. Check Unknown sources.
5. Download and install Root Explorer. (Since you don’t have Android Market, you’ll have to search for a Root Explorer APK file you can install on your device. Google it, and be sure to buy the app to support the developers. It’s totally worth $4.)
7. Mount the Galaxy Tab to your computer via USB cable and copy the  Vending-3.5.16.apk  and  GoogleServicesFramework.apk  files over to the device.
8. Open Root Explorer. From the sdcard folder, tap GoogleServicesFramework.apk and walk through the installation.
9. From the sdcard folder, tap and hold the  Vending-3.5.16.apk file until a menu appears and select Copy.
10. Navigate to the \system\app folder and Paste the file into that folder.
11. Tap and hold the  Vending-3.5.16.apk  file and select Permissions.
12. Set permissions to rw-r–r–.
13. Tap  Vending-3.5.16.apk to install it.
14. Restart the Galaxy Tab and  Google Play Store (Android Market)  will be installed and ready to use..


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