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rsync to sync Remote files

The rsync command can be installed using Linux package managers (for example sudo apt install rsync on Debian/Ubuntu). For Windows, you'll need to either use WSL or Cygwin to access the command.

To use the command, navigate to the folder you want to store the synched contents and run the following replacing user@hostname with the remote user and hostname / IP and /remote/source/code/path with the remote source code location.

On macOS, Linux, or inside WSL:

rsync -rlptzv --progress --delete --exclude=.git "user@hostname:/remote/source/code/path" .

Or using WSL from PowerShell on Windows:

wsl rsync -rlptzv --progress --delete --exclude=.git "user@hostname:/remote/source/code/path" "`$(wslpath -a '$PWD')"


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