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How to use variables in limit clause in MySQL stored procedure

To pass LIMIT as parameters to MySQL stored procedure,  because LIMIT cannot be parametrized in MySQL stored procedures, we have to do it indirectly using  prepared statements.

delimiter $$
CREATE DEFINER=`i88ca`@`192.168.%`
PROCEDURE `general_split_list`(in v_listid int, in v_listid1 int, in v_listid2 int, in percentage int)
-- split v_listid into v_listid1 and v_listid2, the ratio is the percentage.set @v_listid=v_listid;
select l.totalcontacts into @total from lists l where l.listid=@v_listid;
select @total*percentage/100 into @count;
set @v_listid1=v_listid1;
set @v_listid2=v_listid2;
set @count2=@total-@count;
PREPARE i88_ca FROM 'insert low_priority ignore into sharedlist(listid, contactid)
select ?, sl.contactid from sharedlist sl join contacts c on c.contactid=sl.contactid
where sl.listid=? order by limit ?';
EXECUTE i88_ca USING @v_listid1,@v_listid,@count;



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