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How to set / configure log of JVisualVM / visualvm

jdk1.8.0_05/bin$ ./jvisualvm -help
Usage: /home/i88ca/jdk1.8.0_05/lib/visualvm/platform/lib/nbexec {options} arguments

General options:
  --help                show this help
  --jdkhome <path>      path to Java(TM) 2 SDK, Standard Edition
  -J<jvm_option>        pass <jvm_option> to JVM

  --cp:p <classpath>    prepend <classpath> to classpath
  --cp:a <classpath>    append <classpath> to classpath
Module reload options:
  --reload /path/to/module.jar  install or reinstall a module JAR file

Additional module options:
  --refresh                 Refresh all catalogs
  --list                    Prints the list of all modules, their versions and enablement status
  --install <arg1>...<argN> Installs provided JAR files as modules
  --disable <arg1>...<argN> Disable modules for specified codebase names
  --enable <arg1>...<argN>  Enable modules for specified codebase names
  --update <arg1>...<argN>  Updates all or specified modules
  --update-all              Updates all modules
  --extra-uc <arg>          Add a extra Update Center (URL)
  --openjmx <arg>           open application specified by JMX connection (host:port)
  --openid <arg>            open application with id <arg>
  --openpid <arg>           open application with process id <arg>
  --openfile <arg>          open file specified by <arg>, file can be Application snapshot, NetBeans Profiler snapshot or HPROF heap dump.

Core options:
  --laf <LaF classname> use given LookAndFeel class instead of the default
  --fontsize <size>     set the base font size of the user interface, in points
  --locale <language[:country[:variant]]> use specified locale
  --userdir <path>      use specified directory to store user settings
  --cachedir <path>     use specified directory to store user cache, must be different from userdir
  --nosplash            do not show the splash screen

./jvisualvm -J-Djava.util.logging.config.file=${path_to_jdk_logging_config_file}

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