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Best practices for using AWS Spot Instances:

Use the default maximum price, which is the On-Demand price.

Ensure that your instance is ready to go as soon as the request is fulfilled by using an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that contains the required software configuration. You can also use user data to run commands at start-up.

Store important data regularly in a place that won't be affected when the Spot Instance terminates. For example, you can use Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, or DynamoDB.

Divide the work into small tasks (using a Grid, Hadoop, or queue-based architecture) or use checkpoints so that you can save your work frequently.

Use Spot Instance interruption notices to monitor the status of your Spot Instances.

It is possible that your Spot Instance will be terminated before the warning can be made available. Test your application to ensure that it handles an unexpected instance termination gracefully, even if you are testing for interruption notices. You can do so by running the application using an On-Demand Instance and then terminating the On-Demand Instance yourself.


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