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MHT files are very similar to HTML files. The difference is that an HTML file only holds the text content of the page. Any images seen in an HTML file are really just references to online or local images, which are then loaded when the HTML file is loaded.

MHT files are different in that they actually hold the image files (and others like audio files) in one file so that even if the online or local images are removed, the MHT file can still be used to view the page and its other files. This is why MHT files are so useful for archiving pages: the files are stored offline and in one easy-to-access file regardless of whether or not they still exist online.

Any relative links that were pointing to external files are remapped and pointed to the ones contained within the MHT file. You don't have to do this manually since it's done for you in the MHT creation process.

The MHTML format is not a standard, so while one web browser might be able to save and view the file without any problems, you might find that opening the same MHT file in a different browser makes it look a bit different.


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