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PowerMTA pmta command

Usage: pmta [options] command

where 'options' are:
    --help                display this message
    --xml                 display result in XML
    --dom                 display result as DOM-like "variables"

and where 'command' is one of:
    clear dnscache domainname
    check mfrom [--tcp] [--dumppackets] mfrom ip
    check spf [--tcp] [--dumppackets] ip heloDomain [mailFrom]
    delete [--dsn] [--queue=domain[/vmta]] [--orig=addr] [--rcpt=addr] [--jobId=id] [--envId=id] [--older-than=time-interval] [--no-accounting]
    deregister [--user=name] [--local-only] [--retain-unloaded]
    disable source [--reenable-after=interval] ip domain[/vmta]
    enable source ip domain[/vmta]
    list [--queue=domain[/vmta]] [--orig=addr] [--rcpt=addr] [--jobId=id] [--envId=id] [--maxitems=n] [--older-than=time-interval] [--pause] [--priority] [--schedule]
    pause queue domain[/vmta]
    pause job jobid
    register [--user=name] [--label=name] [--webmon-ip=ip] [--webmon-port=number] [--pmtamc-port=number] [--reuse-label] pmtamc-hostname
    reset counters
    reset status
    resolve [--tcp] [--connect] [--dumppackets] [--interactive] [--server=ip] [--source=[host,]ip] domainname
    resume queue domain[/vmta]
    resume job jobid
    rotate acct [file]
    rotate log
    schedule [--retry-recipients] domain[/vmta]
    set priority [--queue=domain[/vmta]] [--orig=addr] [--rcpt=addr] [--jobId=id] [--envId=id] number
    set queue --mode={normal|backoff} domain[/vmta]
    show disabled sources [domain[/vmta]]
    show domains [--vmta=name] [--connected={yes|no}] [--maxitems=n] [--errors] [--sort={name|rcpt|size}] [name]
    show jobs [--maxitems=n]
    show license
    show precache
    show queues [--connected={yes|no}] [--paused={yes|no}] [--mode={normal|backoff}] [--maxitems=n] [--errors] [--sort={name|rcpt|size}] [--no-rcpt-events] [domain[/vmta]]
    show registration
    show status
    show settings domain[/vmta]
    show topdomains [--vmta=name] [--connected={yes|no}] [--maxitems=n] [--errors]
    show topqueues [--connected={yes|no}] [--paused={yes|no}] [--mode={normal|backoff}] [--maxitems=n] [--errors] [--no-rcpt-events] [domain[/vmta]]
    show version
    show vmtas [--maxitems=n]
    test config
    trace [--log-data] [--log-resolution] [--to-log] [--retry-recipients] [--source-ip=ip] domain[/vmta]


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